Paleokastritsa: Underwater Paradise for Scuba Divers οn Corfu

Paleokastritsa Corfu

24 Mar Paleokastritsa: Underwater Paradise for Scuba Divers οn Corfu

The region of Paleokastritsa is a famous tourist resort on Corfu, located 25 km away from Corfu town. Paleokastritsa also constitutes a unique destination for divers and snorkelers, who wish to discover the sea environment, existing many meters down beneath the surface of the sea. Paleokastritsa’s clean waters and excellent visibility along with some small caves – that disappear into rock walls – the colourful sea plants and the different fish species make this area one of the most wonderful spots for divers and snorkelers to develop their diving skills.

Nowadays, there are almost 4 million divers (beginners and advanced ones) within Europe. Most of them prefer diving in regions of the Mediterranean Sea, while there are a few divers who enjoy diving in Tropical Countries. In Paleokastritsa there are several diving spots, not only for beginners but also for advanced divers, that gain the attention of local and foreign tourists, who visit Paleokastritsa every year in order to enjoy the extremely clean seawater. If you are a diver for a short time or you are an experienced diver, then Paleokastritsa is the greatest place for you, offering surely the ultimate diving holidays for you.

One of the best spots for diving in Paleokastritsa is situated near the rock of Kolovri – 3 miles south of Paleokastritsa. This spot is mostly suitable for advanced divers, since the water depth there is about 80 meters. Τhe potential diver is able to swim among arches, canyons and several caves that only add to the total beauty of the underwater marine life.

Moreover, the next diving spot that you are recommended to approach is called Shipwreck of Ermones. It is about the sinking of a minesweeper that took place in 1945. The only remaining items are some metal elements and the anchor of this ship.

Furthermore, the location of Skeloudi is a must see spot for diving in the area of Paleokastritsa. It is an extremely amazing diving destination for beginners and advanced divers, since the so called fish feed takes place there. When divers stop feeding the fish and continue diving, fish are following them to the next destination. This could be an experience of a lifetime!

Finally, it is notable that the area of Paleokastritsa on Corfu is widely known, mainly due to its fabulous waters, surrounded by lush greenery, which consists of olive groves and rocks. Moreover, 6 bays with marvelous seawater are being formed in the area of Paleokastritsa. Also there are several sightseeings, such as the famous Monastery of Saint Mary, while you can enjoy breathtaking views from the Byzantine Castle, Angelokastro, situated above the area of Paleokastritsa. For all the above mentioned features, Paleokastritsa ranks among the best destinations for amazing holidays and, of course, diving.